Rochand Alan, who?

Nowadays whenever you go to a party in the Netherlands and hear your favorite feel good sounds, mixed with the hottest panty dropper vibes, then there’s no doubt that deejay Rochand Alan is rockin’ the bloody decks! At the moment Rochand Alan is also one of a few who mixes far Eastern music with the Western style, followed by the Caribbean sounds of the south and beyond. This is definitely one of the things that makes him distinctive in the party scene. Also, his interest in music has no limit what makes it possible for him to surprise every kind of audience with music they will definitely like to hear. His mixing style is not average. At his performances it just isn’t possible to stand still, even Rochand Alan himself is dancing like a nuthouse! His passion for deejaying and continuous observation of the audience causes energetic dj-sets to dance, shake and bounce on. For himself, deejaying is an escape from reality. It takes him to a place where he can create his own world and forget about the struggles in life. Rochand Alan behind the decks is an escape for everybody! There for, deejay Rochand Alan is a very valuable addition to the artist line-up of your (favorite) event!

From a young age Rochand Alan has already an incredible list of performances on some of the biggest stages and events in the Netherlands. Such as, The Morning After in Club Van Buren Nijmegen, Love Generation in the Maassilo Rotterdam or Asian Vie in Club Vie Rotterdam. The list of clubs he performed? What you think of Escape Venue Amsterdam, North Sea Venue Zaandam, Silver Dome Zoetermeer, Maassilo Rotterdam, La Rocca Antwerp (Belgium) or Brothers Festival Dome Bunnik Utrecht, just to name a few! This dude is ready for the world. And behind the scenes Mr. Rochand Alan is also developing his producing skills. So if you thought you knew him… Think again.

If needed you can contact Rochand Alan for press materials.